Final conference in guatemala

In the framework of this project, we have organised a Final Conference/Multiplier event in Guatemala City, Guatemala, which took place between the 11th and the 15 August 2021, with the participation of the coordinators of each partner country and participants of the project from Guatemala. Due to internal COVID-19 travel restrictions, the Italian coordinator could not attend in person, but participated in the partner meeting in a digital form through video presentation.

The final event of the project was was divided in two main events:

  • an internal review and evaluation of the project results between the partners to present how the project has been implemented in their country and the impact on their organisations/participants;
  • a visibility activity to present to general public the activities carried out in each country, the main results of the project, as well as the personal and professional experiences of participants and what participating in a European project means for the organisations.


This month we welcomed Paola, Alessandro, Mattia and Emmanuel, who travelled from Palermo (Italy) to Malaga to carry out the third and last learning mobility of the “Sport for Change” project.

During their firts week in Malaga, we shared a delicious international breakfast and then the volunteers received their training on arrival.

Throughout this month they have been collaborating as volunteers in different sport activities both in our entity and in other organisations in Malaga. In this way, they will be able to develop their personal and professional skills.

We thank them for their continued support and wonderful attitude!

We will miss you when youare gone!

farewell to our polish volunteers!

Today we say goodbye and thank Weronika, Simon, Jowita and Ania for the wonderful work they did in Malaga in the framework of our project “Sport for Change”.

For one month they travelled from Poland to Malaga to support both our organisation and other organisations in Malaga in the implementation of sport activities. In fact, this project aims to improve the competences of trainers and volunteers in the field of sport through activities of exchange of good practices and mobilities abroad.

🔹We hope to see you again soon and share other beautiful moments.

Thank you very much for your support, commitment and involvement‼️

second learning mobility: welcome to our polish volunteers!

Today we want to welcome Weronika, Simon, Jowita and Ania, who travelled last Monday from Poland to Malaga to carry out the second mobility of the project “Sport for Change” and this morning they have received their training on arrival in our association.

For a month they will be collaborating as volunteers in different sport activities both in our organisation and in other organisations in Malaga. In this way, they will be able to develop their personal and professional skills.

Arek, representative of the Polish partner organisation Mosir Rybnik , also travelled from Poland, who is finishing his learning and training period that started last year with an online training course.

Lets use what we learned! Second phase of local activities

As part of the second phase of local activities, every partner is validating the acquired competences as trainers during the OTC by carrying out a training event with sports volunteers. Due to differing COVID-19 restrictions in every partner country, some partners are opting for an online training format with the volunteers, and others for an in-person training.

To ease the process with the volunteers and ensure that all partners had the same material for the trainings, Iniciativa Internacional Joven created two training guidelines based on the material created for the OTC: one for the volunteers and one for the trainers, which you can find in Annex A and B of this eBook. Every country had the liberty to adapt the material and training process to their reality and specific learning needs.

The final purpose of this training event is to prepare the volunteers that will later take part in the learning mobility in Malaga, Spain, (4 participants per partner organisation). The final selection of volunteers for the learning mobility will be made from the pool of participants in each local training event.

Among the main objectives of Local Activities II were:

  • To apply the acquired knowledge and competencies of participants in practice.
  • To multiply and share the knowledge with volunteers in the field of sports and other trainers, raising awareness of the importance training volunteers prior to any sport event or activity to guarantee an efficient collaboration.

Farewell to our guatemalan volunteers!

Today we say goodbye to the wonderful volunteers who came from Guatemala to participate in the Sport for Change project. Project co-funded by the European Union.

They came to support us and other associations from Malaga, such as AFENES Malaga and Skatepark Malaga, in different sport activities. Their time in Malaga will be hard to forget.

We do not say goodbye, but see you soon! We will see you soon again. We cannot wait to see how much they will do together with their Guatemalan association IDEAS ONG.

We are looking forward to it!

Big hugs to Pablo, Katie, Ixkik and Spooky!

Soon we will introduce you to the new Sport for Change volunteers!!!

First learning mobility period: guatemalan volunteers

Today we would like to welcome Katherine, Ixquik, Cristian and Pablo, who travelled last weekend from Guatemala to Malaga to carry out the first mobility of the “Sport for Change” project.

They are the first group of volunteers to carry out the learning mobility within this projecet. For one month they will be collaborating as volunteers in different sport activities both in our entity and in other organisations in Malaga. In this way, they will be able to develop their personal and professional skills, as well as raise awareness of the situation in Guatemala.

Carol, representative of the Guatemalan organisation “Iniciativa de Desarrollo Educativo Artístico y Social” also travelled from Guatemala, who is thus completing her learning and training period that began last year with an online training course.

Stay tuned for more news about the activities of the volunteers!

learning mobility in malaga spain

In the framework of this project, we organised a 1 month Mobility Learning period for volunteers in Málaga, Spain, for 4 volunteers of each partner countries that were trained during the Local Activities II.

Originally, the mobility was meant to take place in 2020 in the framework of the activities planned for Malaga – European Capital of Sport 2020. However, most of these sport activities were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, and any type of international mobility was rendered impossible due to travel restrictions during this time. Therefore the learning mobility was postponed to follow COVID-19 protocols and ensure the safety of all stakeholders involved.

It was finally decided that the mobility would be divided in one month slots in a three consecutive months period (May, June, July 2021), one month per country:

  • May 2021: mobility of Guatemalan volunteers
  • June 2021: mobility of Polish volunteers
  • July 2021: mobility of Italian volunteers

The purpose of the mobility is to develop key competences of volunteers in the field of sports through a learning by doing process by putting into practice the training received during Local Activities II.

The main activities that the participants will be performing are supporting and collaborating in sports activities in local, public and/or private entities in the city of Malaga, Spain. The schedule of activities will be adapted to the period of the mobility and the ongoing sports events as well as to COVID-19 restrictions.

The first week of the mobility will also serve as a Validation and Evaluation of the Online Training Course (OTC) with the volunteering coordinators that carried out the OTC. To achieve this, the volunteers will be accompanied during the first 5 days by one project coordinator (staff member) from the partner country of origin that participated in the OTC and trained them during the second phase of local activities.


Welcome to our Online Training Course (OTC) for Sports Volunteering Trainers! We have just finalised our first week of this OTC created to continue with the project’s activities due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The OTC design, visual material and entire contents, have all been created by the coordinating organisation, Iniciativa Internacional Joven, during the LA1 period of the project. All the content and information of the OTC has been adapted from a variety of sources (from a thorough research on the subject by the partner countries and previous projects) and the vast experience of the partner organisations in the field of volunteering and training. All the graphic material used is original, of our own creation.

We have tried to re-create the non-formal education methodology we use for all our trainings, through the creation of a variety of visual and audiovisual learning material.

The OTC application was open to the public, with the minimum participation of three trainers from each partner organisation. The main digital we are using is a free Online eLearning Platform Called Chamilo LMS and Zoom for video conferencing when needed.