Sport for Change” is a 12 months “Exchanges and Mobilities in Sports” project that involves four organizations from three different European countries (Italy, Poland and Spain) and one country from Latin-American (Guatemala), that aims to improve the key competencies of Sports Volunteering trainers and volunteers in the field of sports through mobilities and the exchange of good practices of all partners involved.  It is co-financed by the Euroepan Union through Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions in the Field of Sports framework.

Main objectives:

  • To improve the key competences of volunteering trainers, as well as volunteers in the field of sports, of participating organizations, and other stakeholders who wish to train, prepare and manage sports volunteering actions;
  • Foster cooperation between volunteering and sports organizations at local, regional and international level
  • Develop the capacity of sports organizations in the management and training of volunteers;
  • Promote networking and the exchange of good practices between sports organizations that work with volunteers in the field of sports.
  • Create a network of organizations from four countries that promote the training, preparation and management of volunteers in the field of sports, both locally, nationally and internationally.

Main Activities:

  • Online Kickoff coordination meeting: planning of local and transnational activities and internal agreements. 
  • Local activities I: preparation of material for the “Training for trainers” online course in each partner country with the tools received from the Coordinator (training methods/tools for volunteers in each partner organization, good practices, etc).
  • Online Training for trainers:  A three (3) week training course for sports volunteering trainers with three (3) participants per country. The participants of this online training should be the person in the organization responsible for training their volunteers for sports events, and other sports professionals in charge of training sports volunteers. 
  • Local activities II: Training for volunteers at a local level.  Each organization will train 4-5 volunteers with the competences/tools/skills acquired during the previous online training course.
  • Validation of training course (Málaga, Spain): a 5 day event in order to fully evaluate and validate the online course through the exchange of experiences of the participants (1 per partner country). 
  • Mobility Learning period for volunteers (Málaga, Spain) (learning by doing): the volunteers trained during the local activities II will take part in a 1 month mobility to Malaga, Spain, to support sports events in the framework of Malaga 2020, European Sports Capital.
  • Local activities III: visibility activities at a local level and collection of materials for the creation of an E-book and video with the results of the project.
  • Final conference (Guatemala):  to evaluate, present and disseminate the project results at an international level.  One participant per partner country (1 coordinator). 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we are undergoing globally, the dates for the activities will be confirmed and might be modified after the restrictions have been lifted in all partner countries. 

We consider that this project will have an impact on participants (new skills acquired and/or improved, personal and professional development, etc.), organisations (use of new competences and tools, exchange of good practices, better quality of work, etc.) and on society (increased awareness of sports volunteering, new tools specific to sports volunteering, multiplier effect, etc.).