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First Phase of local activities

In the framework of this project and as way of adapting to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we will implement and ONLINE TRAINING COURSE (OTC) for sports volunteering trainers. To prepare the material and contents of the OTC, we are carrying the first phase of local activities of the project.

Iniciativa Internacional Joven, as coordinator of the project, created a set of tools to carry out the Local Activities I (LA1), in order for every partner country to have a guideline for the activities. The information gathered during the LA1 will follow the general structure of the tools but can be adapted, when necessary, to the idiosyncrasy of every local reality, as the final results were used for the content creation of the Online Training Course.

The LA1 consist in five main activities:

  1. Volunteering legislation is in each country,
  2. the experience of each organisation in volunteering and sports,
  3. and identifying good practices at local, regional, and/or national level where sport has been a tool for social change and transformation.
  4. Creation of the OTC content by AIIJ as coordinating organisation
  5. Selection of participants for the Online Training Course