Lets use what we learned! Second phase of local activities

As part of the second phase of local activities, every partner is validating the acquired competences as trainers during the OTC by carrying out a training event with sports volunteers. Due to differing COVID-19 restrictions in every partner country, some partners are opting for an online training format with the volunteers, and others for an in-person training.

To ease the process with the volunteers and ensure that all partners had the same material for the trainings, Iniciativa Internacional Joven created two training guidelines based on the material created for the OTC: one for the volunteers and one for the trainers, which you can find in Annex A and B of this eBook. Every country had the liberty to adapt the material and training process to their reality and specific learning needs.

The final purpose of this training event is to prepare the volunteers that will later take part in the learning mobility in Malaga, Spain, (4 participants per partner organisation). The final selection of volunteers for the learning mobility will be made from the pool of participants in each local training event.

Among the main objectives of Local Activities II were:

  • To apply the acquired knowledge and competencies of participants in practice.
  • To multiply and share the knowledge with volunteers in the field of sports and other trainers, raising awareness of the importance training volunteers prior to any sport event or activity to guarantee an efficient collaboration.

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