Welcome to our Online Training Course (OTC) for Sports Volunteering Trainers! We have just finalised our first week of this OTC created to continue with the project’s activities due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The OTC design, visual material and entire contents, have all been created by the coordinating organisation, Iniciativa Internacional Joven, during the LA1 period of the project. All the content and information of the OTC has been adapted from a variety of sources (from a thorough research on the subject by the partner countries and previous projects) and the vast experience of the partner organisations in the field of volunteering and training. All the graphic material used is original, of our own creation.

We have tried to re-create the non-formal education methodology we use for all our trainings, through the creation of a variety of visual and audiovisual learning material.

The OTC application was open to the public, with the minimum participation of three trainers from each partner organisation. The main digital we are using is a free Online eLearning Platform Called Chamilo LMS and Zoom for video conferencing when needed.

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